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Tajhiz Gostar Agrin Co., is started the activity in importing, distribution, sales and preparation of spare parts, and after sales service of various Nerve Stimulator devices from 2004. The main goal of Agrin is distribution the products with high quality and reasonable prices in Anesthesia and Respiratory ranges according to international certificates.

  • Pajunk– Germany Manufacturer of many kinds of Epidural sets, Spinal and Epidural Needles, Sono Visible, Nerve stimulator devices, Pain management system and Catheters, and kinds of Biopsy Needles.
  • CerdasMed-Malaysia Manufacturer of disposable and reusable of Anesthesia, ICU and operation room products.
  • XNY-China Manufacturer of kinds of surgical staplers such as Linear, Linear Cutter, Circular, Hemorrhoid and Laparoscopy Trocars and Clips.


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