Tracheostomy Tube with cuff

Patients who need ventilation (assisted breathing with a respirator or breathing machine) require tracheostomy tubes that are blocked and sealed by what is called a cuff (also called a balloon) located on the lower outer cannula. The cuff blocks any air from flowing around the tube and assures that the patient is well oxygenated. All the air must therefore flow in and out through the tube itself. A pilot tube attached to the cuff stays outside the body and is used to inflate or deflate the cuff.

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Category: General Anesthesia, Cerdas Med

  • Made of clear and non-toxic plastic PVC.
  • 95° curvature.
  • High volume and low pressure cuff.
  • Pilot balloon.
  • Valve suitable for with and without luer-lock syringe tip.
  • Seated 15 mm standard connector.
  • X-ray opaque line throughout the length of the tube.
  • With introducer and 240 cm length cotton neckband.
  • Free latex.
  • For single use only.