MammaLoc needle

MammaLoc Sono is a new mamma-localisation puncture set developed by PAJUNK that allows for purposeful positioning of the localisation wire under ultrasound as a result of its innovative composition. The configuration and tip geometry has been designed so that the user can concentrate on the cannula tip during the positioning of the localisation wire. Thanks to the “Cornerstone” reflectors that are attached to the distal end of the cannula shaft, the position of the puncture cannula tip can be clearly identified at any time.

needle mamography

needle mamography2

needle mamography3

needle mamography5



Category: Biopsy, PAJUNK

The essential features at a glance:

  • Optimum ultrasonic visibility thanks to “Cornerstone” reflectors.
  • High-precision ultrasound tip Perfect antifriction properties.
  • Choose between reducible twist-marker and permanently anchored hook wire.
  • Preoperative marking of local lesions of the mamma with sonographic support.