The TrokaCut set includes a stable full stylet with a sharp tip and bevelled hollow grind as well as an outer cannula with ejection stylet that are both provided with a graduation. The introductory aid covers the sharp tip of the outer cannula when extracting biopsy material and so prevents injuries. The outer cannula is advanced together with the full stylet into the bone wall by Turning clockwise and anticlockwise while applying firm and constant pressure.When it has penetrated and the resistance is reduced, the stylet is released from The bayonet lock, i.e. turned by 90° and pulled out. The outer cannula with its Very sharp, wavelike tip continues to penetrate the inside of the bone under rotary Movements without problem. The cannula tip is cylindrical and tapers towards The front. This eases collection and subsequent extraction of the sample. At the Same time, its conical shape contributes to the tissue cylinder maintaining its Structure during tissue extraction.


biopsy 1

biposy 2



Category: Biopsy, PAJUNK

The essential features at a glance:
  • Anatomically shaped handle.
  • Extremely sharp serrated tip of the Outer cannula.
  • Full stylet made of stainless steel with High stability.
  • Tapered outer cannula for simplified Sample extraction.
  • Safe sample extraction by specially Shaped cannula shaft.
  • Aspiration connection with LuerLock Connector.
  • Specially shaped internal lumen Bayonet lock.