Multistim Sensor

With the introduction of the MultiStim SENSOR, PAJUNK configures a foundation for a new generation of nerve stimulators for regional anesthesia. The device offers a multitude of functions for more safety and efficiency in plexus anesthesia. The essential difference to common stimulating devices is the following: The MultiStim SENSOR supports a patient- friendly and percutaneous localisation and identification of nerves with the help of a stimulating handle, the PEG-electrode (Percutaneous Electrode Guidance). Only then the cannula is fed into the puncture area (which was identified by utilizing the method mentioned above) and the stimulation is switched by the push of a button from the stimulating handle to the cannula.



Parameters that show the device:

1- Battery Condition 2- Pulse width 3- Pulse frequency. 4- Digital numeric value of the stimulation current. 5- Analog representation with aid of two bar graphs. 6- Stimulation circuit is closed or not closed. 7- Stimulation current actually flowing through the patient. 8- The selected stimulation current corresponds or differs from the actually flowing stimulating current.


Category: Local Anesthesia, PAJUNK


  • Large and easy to view display.
  • Analog and digital display of stimulating voltage.
  • Analog setting of electrical current by incremental turning knob.
  • integrated safety features.
  • Stimulation switchable between cannula and percutaneous stimulating handle (PE).
  • Highly precise, constant electrical current adjustment through microprocessors.
  • By activation the pause button.