Combine Spinal & Epidural Set

The method of Combined Spinal – Epidural Anaesthesia (CSE), which is very common in the USA, is also gaining increasing popularity in Europe. It
permits regional anaesthesia in the vicinity of the spinal cord, which is mainly applied in obstetrics and orthopaedics. Waiting times in the operating
With EpiSpin Lock, PAJUNK® has developed a puncture set which combines two techniques and cannula systems in one product:

  • the safe, one-time / single shot spinal anaesthesia with the SPROTTE® puncture cannula.
  • the placement of a catheter in the epidural space for continuous applications.

And this is what you‘ll get with EpiSpin Lock:

  • a fast and safe effect through spinal anaesthesia.
  • a minimization of post-spinal headache by using the original SPROTTE® Spinal Puncture Cannula.
  • the visual indication of the puncture depth, and with that, a precise puncture thanks to the markings on the cannula shaft.
  • even more safety, thanks to the newly designed fixation system, which not only provides the spinal cannula with a secure anchoring, but will
    also hold it in place exactly in the desired position.
  • a prolonged block through epidural anaesthesia theatre are avoided, thanks to the fast onset of the spinal anaesthesia. And an effective motor block is ensured at the same time. By the utilization of epidural catheters, the anaesthesia can be maintained for as long as may be required.



Combine Spinal & Epidural Set


Category: PAJUNK, Local Anesthesia

  • Unhindered flow.
  • Memory effect and tearing resistance / tensile strength.
  • Exact localization.