Plexolong Sprotte Needle

NanoLine is an absolute world novelty in the fi eld of cannula coating. With this revolutionary thin-layer technology, the insulating layer can be reduced to a minimum without any detrimental loss in functionality. Well-known anesthetists rather confi rm, that the puncture and the nerve stimulation can be provably conducted correspondingly fi ner and more subtle and precise with this polymer coating, which may recognized by its slightly golden sheen. The material of the NanoLine coating has undergone years of testing, and its compatibility has been proven in the context of bio-compatibility and -sensitivity tests.

Plexolong Sprotte Needle-1-1

The UniPlex cannulae were developed by PAJUNK® especially for single shot application, to be used in peripheral nerve block anesthesia. They are alternatively available in the following versions:

UniPlex NanoLine cannula with SPROTTE® tip
The closed tip of the UPS cannula assists the anaesthetist in the atraumatically precise localization of the nerve.

Plexolong Sprotte Needle-2-2

UniPlex NanoLine SPROTTE®

UniPlex NanoLine cannula with facet tip
This special facet tip reduces the risk of injury to a minimum, in comparison with conventionally sharp cannulae.

Plexolong Sprotte Needle-3-3

UniPlex NanoLine with facet tip

PlexoLong NanoLine Cannula

Depending on the puncture kit, PAJUNK® offers up to three
different cannula types:

  • SPROTTE®-SPECIAL cannula.
  • Tuohy cannula
  • Cannula with facet tip

While the facet tip cannula is exclusively placed parallel to the nerve, the SPROTTE®-SPECIAL cannula and the Tuohy cannula are suitable for those cases, where it is necessary to introduce the catheter at an angle to the nerve.

PlexoLong NanoLine Cannula

PlexoLong Sono NanoLine-en


Category: Local Anesthesia, PAJUNK


  • Ascending depth graduation.
  • Steel stylet.
  • Catheter with central orifice.
  • Lateral electric connection