Sono System

SonoGuide-Tsui is a laser pointer which is mounted directly onto the cannula hub. It allows the physician to choose the most optimal puncture angle and also helps to identify the best position for the ultrasound

PAJUNK® has developed the SonoGuide-Tsui to enhance the handling of the ultrasound scanner. This patent laser pointer is a perfect guide for safe The anaesthetist can determine the optimal puncture angle under ultrasound monitoring by means of the SonoGuide-Tsui with its laser pointer. The ultrasound transducer and the cannula can be positioned and coordinated perfectly.


The laser pointer SonoGuide-Tsui is mounted directly onto the
cannula hub by means of a sterile disposable covering.


The laser pointer project cross-lines exactly to the site, where the
ultrasound transducer must be positioned.


This way, the cannula will always be moved within the visible sector
of the ultrasound scanner, regardless of the puncture point or of the
puncture angle.

sono6 sono5 sono4

Ultrasound marker with reflection guarantee
The patented „Cornerstone“ reflectors  are structured so that all ultrasound
waves are reflected and the cannula tip is perfectly visible.

The distal end is supplied with two pattern-embossed sections, both 10mm long. The improved reflection of the ultrasound waves therefore covers a total of 20mm.


A circumferential array of „Cornerstone“ reflectors
arranged in 60°-angles ensures perfect identification
of the cannula in many positions.

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  • SonoPlex Stim provides double safety for patients and users.
  • Clear identifi cation of the cannula tip by means of ultrasound is assured along with the proven stimulation qualities.
  • The construction and build of the cannula tip are designed in such manner, so that the anaesthetist can focus his complete attention on the tip of the cannula during the complete puncture.